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Marsh Ridge Homeowners Association


Board Members

Craig Sinkel, 641 Marsh Drive, (612) 423-2401

Zelda Malo, 472 Aspen Circle, (763) 972-3710

Jon Holzer, 716 Marsh Drive, (701) 866-8217

Gail Scholl, 542 Marsh Drive, (763) 355-9487

Howard Glas, 596 Marsh Drive, (612) 816-3787


                                        May 12, 2015

The Marsh Ridge Homeowners Board met on May 12, 2015 with all members present.  Minutes of April 7 meeting were approved and another agenda item was added regarding the Marsh Ridge web site renewal.

Tom Micke distributed the April 30 financial statement and discussion followed. The financial report was approved.

Committee Reports:  There was no further data on finance or insurance. The last twin home to be roofed will be completed in late spring or summer.  Lawn care and maintenance was discussed at length.

Old Business:  The twin home at 597 Bonita closed on April 15.  A single family home sold and is expected to close May 18.  Drainage work scheduled to be done along Tower Drive and at 551 Bonita will begin when load limits are lifted, due on or about May15.

New Business:   On April 4th several Board members surveyed the twin homes and common areas in Marsh Ridge.  A list of  maintenance and lawn issues to be addressed this summer was generated.  Almost every address has problems with the black edging which has been damaged or has heaved.  This will either be put back in place or repaired on an ongoing basis this summer.  In addition weed whipping will be adjusted to allow grass to grow to the height of the edging.  Many shrubs in the rocked areas have been damaged or have died in the past few years.  Our lawn contractor will trim or cut back these shrubs, but homeowners are welcome to replace these plantings if they choose. They are not the top priority for maintenance this summer.

The Board discussed removing the stump of the tree at the entrance and will select a replacement.  The entrance sign will be painted and the three pump houses will be repaired where necessary.  Loose shutters will be repaired and deck posts and deck trim will be painted where necessary.

A double driveway must be completely replaced and a number of driveway aprons need replacement.  A bid of $12,762 was received to replace and repair all driveway issues.  A motion was made to approve the bid and request a second bid, not to exceed $10,000, to seal coat twin home drives.  Before voting discussion revolved around the low number of snow plowings which helped our budget.  If the Board approves seal coating, single family homeowners can contract directly for seal coating at the same time.   The motion was approved.

A twin home owner submitted a request to add on to his existing rear patio.  The committee recommended waiting until additional details are received on the project.  The Marsh Ridge web site license is due for renewal.  The Board approved this expenditure.

The next Board meeting will be called if needed to approve bids or to discuss special issues.  Notice will be sent by e-mail to homeowners of date and time if they wish to attend.    






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