Marsh Ridge HOA of Delano
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Marsh Ridge Homeowners Association


Board Members

Craig Sinkel, 641 Marsh Drive, (612) 423-2401

Zelda Malo, 472 Aspen Circle, (763) 972-3710

Jon Holzer, 716 Marsh Drive, (701) 866-8217

Gail Scholl, 542 Marsh Drive, (763) 355-9487

Howard Glas, 596 Marsh Drive, (612) 816-3787


August 21, 2014

The Marsh Ridge Homeowners Association Board met on August 21, 2014. 
All members were present with the addition of Tom Micke who presented financial information.  The Board reviewed the minutes of July 10, 2014. Craig Sinkel passed out agendas and added a further issue to New Business.  Both previous minutes and agenda were approved. 


Tom Micke distributed July 31 financial statements and the Board reviewed and commented on the addition of line items concerning insurance payments and disbursements.  The statement was approved with those changes. 


Committee Reports:  Maintenance and lawns: Three roofs have been replaced this summer; the remaining roof has been inspected and will not be done until next spring.  Sprinkler pumps have been repaired and a dozen damaged heads replaced.  Sprinklers have been operating more frequently due to down time when the pumps were not working.  Some areas in sidewalks and stoops were chipped or had gaps and these have been repaired. Three water shut off valves that are loose will be repaired before end of summer.  Bushes will be trimmed and  fallen leaves removed as necessary.  Repair of loose mailboxes and painting of posts will start in early September.


The annual proposals for Association insurance coverage should be received by the end of August.  The Board will meet before the Annual Meeting to study the proposals and will report to homeowners on September 18. Association insurance must be renewed by October.


Old Business:  Howard Glas updated the Board on the status of the repair and insurance payouts for the property at 643 Bonita Circle.  Interior work continues but the Association has completed all its scheduled landscaping.


New Business:   When proposals for the 2015 Association insurance are received, Tom Micke will draft a budget for the Board to consider.


599 Marsh Drive has been sold and will close by late August.


The Annual Meeting is scheduled on September 18 at Light of Christ Church.  Notices have been sent to all homeowners.  The Board will provide coffee, water, paper plates and utensils for the pot luck dinner at 6:00.  The meeting will follow at 7:00. A check for rental of the space was sent.


The Board is requesting bids for additional drain tile to prevent water damage issues at the rear of single family homes on Tower Drive.  If it is deemed necessary it will not be done until next spring.


The Audit Committee met recently to review financial statements. A few recommendations from the Committee were implemented and a report will be given at the Annual Meeting.


The next Board meeting will be Thursday, September 11, 2014 7:00 at 472 Aspen Circle.    

The Marsh Ridge Homeowners Association Board met on July 10, 2014.  Zelda Malo and Tom Micke were absent.  Minutes from the June 5 meeting and the agenda for the current meeting were reviewed and approved.  The financial statement as of June 30, 2014 was discussed and approved. 

 Committee Reports:  There was no further information for finance.  The questionnaire regarding the renewal of the Association’s insurance has not been received but Howard Glas will process it when available.  The roofing contractor will start on the remaining 4 roofs, weather permitting, by mid-June.

 Sprinklers are on in Marsh Ridge, although they were turned off for July 4th.  Water pooling on the hill on the East side of Bonita Circle will be investigated by the sprinkler company to find the source.  After heavy rains washed out seed on damaged spots in lawns, seed and soil were applied again.  Weed spray was applied on Tuesday the 8th.  Scheduling of driveway repair has been delayed but the contractor should be in Marsh Ridge within 10 days. 

 Old Business:  Repair of the landscaping at 643 Bonita Circle has been completed.  An outside contractor continues to remodel the interior.

 New Business:  Some minor repair projects have been completed.  The following projects are scheduled to be completed in July and early August.  Posts at the front of many twin homes will be scraped and painted; all mailboxes and paper slots will be re-fastened to the racks; shutters that are loose will be reattached, and air conditioning lines will be checked for gaps at the connection to the home. 

 Three twin homes have recently been sold and new homeowners are in residence.  A fourth twin home is currently for sale. 

 The Board set the date of the Annual Meeting.  Mark your calendars for September 18, 2014 at Light of Christ Church.  Potluck supper at 6:00 and meeting at 7:00.  Further information will be mailed to all homeowners in August.

 The next Board meeting will be Thursday, August 21, 2014 at 641 Marsh Drive.


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