Marsh Ridge HOA of Delano
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Marsh Ridge Homeowners Association


Board Members

Craig Sinkel, 641 Marsh Drive, (612) 423-2401

Zelda Malo, 472 Aspen Circle, (763) 972-3710

Jon Holzer, 716 Marsh Drive, (701) 866-8217

Gail Scholl, 542 Marsh Drive, (763) 355-9487

Howard Glas, 596 Marsh Drive, (612) 816-3787


The Board of the Marsh Ridge Homeowners Association met on July 30, 2015.  All members were present.  The minutes of special meeting of June 25 were approved.  Tom Micke distributed the financial statement for June 2015 and it was discussed before approval.  Two invoices were submitted to Tom for payment and Zelda Malo announced that the annual financial audit will be Monday evening August 3.

Committee Reports: 
The maple tree stump at the entrance was removed and a new tree planted.  The wiring for lights at the sign to Marsh Ridge were damaged and will be repaired soon.  The last twin home re-roofing will be completed this summer and scheduled when weather permits. 

Old Business: 
The status of drainage work along Tower Drive and at 551 Bonita Circle is uncertain at this time.

New Business: 
Summer maintenance and repairs are in process.  All driveway aprons and one driveway have been completed.  Edging has been replaced at some twin home addresses identified as most damaged during the May walk through.  Painting of deck fascia and posts is continuing.

Marsh Ridge twin home driveways will be seal coated this summer.  However, the City has scheduled seal coating with stones on the four city streets in Marsh Ridge sometime in mid-August.  Our driveway seal coating will not be scheduled before that time due to the damage on driveways caused by the stones and difficulty in parking of resident’s vehicles.

Some residents have asked the Board to investigate replacement of the mail boxes with locked boxes.  The locking boxes are in a large installation and would be in only one or possibly two locations in Marsh Ridge; the boxes are smaller and require each address to have a key to open their box; there is no slot for newspaper delivery; the boxes and installation cost are very expensive. If individual residents are concerned about security they can rent a P.O. box at the Delano Post Office and pick up their mail.

The Association insurance must be renewed and rebid each year and the new policy becomes effective on October 1.  Our current carrier will no longer issue insurance coverage in Minnesota. Insurance companies covering Minnesota have had very large weather related claims recently.  Howard Glas has asked 2 or 3 large insurance companies and a number of independents to submit a bid for our coverage.  Howard has asked all to bid on our current coverage options and also to bid with interiors (flooring, wall board, cabinets, etc) the responsibility of the homeowner.  The Association Board will discuss the bids at the end of August and will present our recommendations to homeowners at the Annual Meeting in September.

The Association’s contract with our landscaper/snow plowing company expires in late winter.  The Board discussed soliciting new bids for these services and will follow up at a future meeting.

After recent heavy rain the problem of water coming into the lower level at 551 Bonita was discussed.  Two separate projects have attempted to keep water away from the foundation and have not been successful.  The Board will check original plans at City Hall to discover if underground tile was installed and where it is located.

The Annual Meeting for all homeowners, single family and twin home, will be on Thursday, September 17, 2015 at Light of Christ Church.  A pot luck dinner at 6:00 will be followed by the meeting at 7:00. 

All Board member seats are up for election at this annual meeting. If any individual would like to serve, call a current Board member to nominate yourself or another resident.

The next Board meeting will be Wednesday, August 26, 2015 at 7:00 at 472 Aspen Circle. 



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