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Marsh Ridge Homeowners Association


Board Members

Craig Sinkel, 641 Marsh Drive, (612) 423-2401

Zelda Malo, 472 Aspen Circle, (763) 972-3710

Jon Holzer, 716 Marsh Drive, (701) 866-8217

Gail Scholl, 542 Marsh Drive, (763) 355-9487

Howard Glas, 596 Marsh Drive, (612) 816-3787


                                                September 15, 2016


The Annual Meeting of the Marsh Ridge Homeowners Association was held on Thursday, September 15, 2016.  The meeting was preceded by a 6:00 pot luck supper and social.  Forty-two homeowners attended the 7:00 meeting.  This number represented 24 twin home addresses and 5 single family homes. 

All Board members were present and were introduced by President Craig Sinkel.  A replacement member, Jim Roufs, has been named to the Architectural Control Committee.  Craig then remarked on sales of homes in Marsh Ridge.  One twin home closed today, a single family home was sold and is now back on the market, and a third twin home will be ready for sale soon.  The new homeowners were not present at the annual meeting.

Committee Reports:  Gail Scholl, secretary of the Board, talked about the website for Marsh Ridge ( and the information available there.  All Board meeting minutes are available within 5 days of the meeting; previous minutes are archived; Board members’ addresses, e-mails and phone numbers are listed; Marsh Ridge bylaws, rules and regulations, covenants and forms are on the website; insurance coverage information is listed and a method for each homeowner to print a Certificate of Insurance.

When minutes are posted, an e-mail is sent to all homeowners of their availability.  If a homeowner has not given an e-mail address to the Board or if their address has changed, please send that information to any Board member.  Printed copies of the minutes are sent out to those without Internet access.  The large group e-mail list is only for Board use.  We also ask that you update phone numbers on the copies of the directory on the tables.  We have many who have changed to cell phones only and/or changed their home phone number. 

Craig detailed Capital Improvements that were completed this summer.  Six driveway aprons were replaced for $3500; sprinklers had a major number of heads replaced along with other system maintenance, $7013; tree removal due to storms and edging on three twin home addresses was replaced with pavers for a total of  $5214; (this will be a yearly project till all damaged plastic edging is replaced); wood chips around trees, $1600; painting where needed, $365.   Howard Glas is the Board contact for our lawn contractor, Jenco.  They do total seasonal lawn care which includes shrub shaping in mid-June and fall trimming.  If a homeowner does not want their shrubs trimmed this fall it is their responsibility to alert the Jenco lawn care workers when they are in Marsh Ridge mowing, or mark the shrubs that should not be trimmed.  A group e-mail alert will be sent to twin homeowners when the shrub trimming is to be done.

Copies of the August 31 financial statement were available to all present.  Treasurer Jon Holzer detailed the Income and Expense sections plus the growth so far this year of the Reserve Fund.  Our bylaws require that we keep a healthy reserve fund.

The Insurance for the Association is renewed yearly on October 1.  Howard spoke about the master policy for the 25 twin home structures.  It covers the buildings and all permanently attached items.  However, these items are the basic as built items e.g. ceiling finishes, walls, etc.  Any improvements or betterments by original or subsequent owners must be covered by an HO6 policy which should include loss assessment coverage of $10,000.  Other deductibles in the policy this year are $10,000 for wind and hail damage and ice dam damage.  Howard recommends a sewer backup and sump pump failure endorsement. Our master policy does not cover flood insurance.  Charcoal grilles on decks are not allowed and if siding is damaged due to their use, it is not covered under this policy.  Call any Board member with questions.

New Business:  The 2017 annual budget proposal was reviewed with members by Jon Holzer.  The draft budget shows an almost $1100 shortfall as some operating expenses were increased over 2016. However, the dues for all homeowners do not increase in 2017. The Reserve Fund increases significantly and is available if unexpected maintenance expenses arise.  Jon asked for a show of hands to approve the draft budget and it was approved.  The Board will accept/approve the budget at the Board meeting following the members meeting tonight.

Zelda Malo gave the report of the Audit Committee.  Some issues were addressed and changes made and the committee approved the audit of the Association books. Craig then asked for a vote that the requirement for a CPA Firm audit the books be waived.  Members present approved the waiver.

Craig announced that the Board is in the process of interviewing a person outside the Association to manage the books.  If hired, he/she will work with Tom Micke and officially begin this position by January 2017.  Jon and Howard have been investigating costs to turn all management of the Association to an outside company.  Costs are estimated at $45-$65 per month/per homeowner.  Howard urged members to consider volunteering for Board positions.  The present Board could all choose not to run for re-election next year when terms expire.  Howard suggested at least one new member come on the Board each year for continuity.

Craig asked for questions or comments from those present.  Doug Ludwig thanked the Board for their service and urged that complaints and comments be voiced in a civil manner.  At this time, the annual meeting adjourned.
The next Board meeting will follow the annual meeting and members were invited to stay.

                     Regular Board Meeting following the Annual Meeting

                                                September 15, 2016

The Board of Marsh Ridge Homeowners Association met immediately following the Annual Meeting on September 15, 2016.  The minutes of the meeting on August 29, 2016 were reviewed and approved with an amendment.  These minutes stated that the fiscal year of the Association began on October 1 each year.  This is not correct.  The fiscal year begins on January 1 each year.  Insurance coverage is due for renewal on October 1 of each year.

First half of September expenses listed in the checkbook required a transfer from Reserve to pay Jenco’s monthly invoice and the Capital expense for driveway apron replacements.  Lawn care in the upcoming month will include trimming of shrubs and after cooler weather starts, trimming of lower branches of some Ash trees.  Howard had detailed the Insurance coverage from October 1, 2016 to that date in 2017.  Revised information on HO6 coverage and instructions on printing a Certificate of Insurance will be posted on the website

Old Business:  The lights at the entrance sign are erratic and required rewiring. As of the writing of the minutes, the lights have been repaired. Shrubs will be trimmed so that the lights and sign are visible.  A twin home on Marsh Drive closed September 15; a single family home on Aspen Circle is back on the market; a twin home on Marsh Drive is going up for sale soon.

New Business:  Shrub pruning, tree trimming and bush replacements for the front of some twin homes is due this fall.  Stump removal of three trees that were damaged by storms will be scheduled. The Board decided to ask the Architectural Control Committee to survey all twin home addresses to determine which need the above maintenance before we accept the bid for any replacements.

Gail Scholl will be working with Tom Micke to update the directory of homeowners’ phone numbers.  Some homeowners at the annual meeting requested a copy.

The draft budget for 2017 was briefly discussed and approved by the Board.

Jon Holzer and Howard have been informally asking other Association management individuals for estimate of costs to hire an outside management company for Marsh Ridge.  Jon suggested that the Board prepare a request for proposal to get more accurate costs.  We will work on this request for proposal in 2017.

As announced at the annual meeting, the Board is interviewing for a financial person to manage the books of the Association.  This person, if hired, will work with Tom until he/she begins the position January 1, 2017.  The Board treasurer, Jon will meet with Tom and a new person as needed until January.

Sprinklers have been turned off since August due to the wet weather.  Jenco will shut down and blow out the system.  Homeowners whose sump pump discharge pipe has been buried are urged to disconnect this pipe at the wall of the home so water that has collected will not freeze and back up.   

The next Board meeting will be Thursday, November 10, 2016 at 7:00 at 641 Marsh Drive.  This is an open meeting and any member can attend.

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